Our Latest Talent Achievements

Ty Parker

Books supporting role as "Cartelli" in the just released trailer for "The Perfect Date" (previously "The Stand In") with Noah Centineo. Noah Centineo is an American actor. He portrays Jesus Adams Foster in The Fosters (2013), for which he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

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Stefanie Bloom

Plays one of the leads "Marlene Castaldo" (Mom), in the show "Little Cupid".

Jeff Spencer

Gets a great spot in "Offering something for everyone; Visit Charlotte" commercial.

Gerard Cordero and Javier Bardem

Co-starring in a feature film working with Javier Bardem

Jose Santiago

Books lead role as "Diablo" on Chiraq

Jared Staley

in OVERCOMER. Filmed over the summer ... A feature film for The Kendrick brothers. Directed by Alex Kendrick. In theaters 8-23-19.

Barry Price

Booked as Detective Jake Peterson

Justin Ricketts

The "go to" and Spokesperson for Road Choice Truck Parts ... a Volvo Company.

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Korey Osborne

TV One

Lena Lewis

Laura Jacobs

Books iZombies

Eric Congdon

Books Sheetz commercial, and the role of "Don Whiting" in the Story of Natalie Woods Drowning on Investigative Discovery.

Sheetz Commercial

Emmanuel Floyd

Books Lunchroom Heroes - Annie's Cheddar Bunnies

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Brandon Nutter

Books the role of Ryan Matthews on Fatal Attraction

Anthony Paolucci

"FIRST MAN" opening in theaters Friday, Oct 12th co-starring Anthony Paolucci as "Reporter Jim"

Lawson Cross and James Vanderbeek

Book Superbowl commercial

Josh Spudeno

Books mechanic for BB&T commercial

Caroline Kelly

Makes the front cover of Winds of Time

Gerard Cordero

Books recurring role as Big Al on Ray Donovan. Showtime Season 6

Richard Meiman

Books the role of Jean-Luc in the short film "The Death of Marie".

Alec VanOwen & Caryn Crye

Book Love Until The End

Bronx Murray

Books Whitlow & Hawkins print