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The Brock Agency, Inc.
Agent/Manager- Beverly J Brock



Clarissa’s Quest                                                            Walk in the Park Pictures, LLC

Jury of Our Peers                                                           Raven Film Company

Demons for Angels                                                         Heavy Bag Productions

A Noise of Many Waters                                                 Middleway Pictures

Protective Actions Industrial                                            US Government

Easter Lake                                                                   May 13th Pictures

Outer Dark                                                                    David Ostergaard

Morning Song Way                                                        Dry Dock Film Corp.

Abby                                                                             Kleeburg Entertainment

US Army Industrial                                                         Crewestone Productions

New Water-Pilot                                                             New Day Dream Films

Patient 27                                                                     New Day Dream Films

Foresight                                                                       Indie

The Lost Stallion                                                            Scorpio Pictures/Indie

Shot footage for Hickory Firefighters in 1996 of demonstration of  “How to Stop A Housefire in Progress” Used for training purposes





Leatherheads                                                                 Universal Pictures

A Dance for Bethany                                                      Raise The Bar Productions

April Fool’s Day                                                             AFD Productions

Gospel Hill                                                                    Gospel Hill Productions, LLC

Red Dirt Rising                                                              Dirt Track Legends, LLC

All My Children                                                              ABC

Walker                                                                          Walker Productions

Catastrophe/Hurricane Floyd                                           National Geographic Television

Dale Earnhardt Story                                                      MOW

Palmetto Pointe                                                             Pilot – Peachtree Pictures

The Ultimate Gift                                                            THE FILM FOUNDRY

The Pigs                                                                       Feature Film

Interactive Video for University of Southern California

Love of Liberty                                                               Lion Heart Filmworks

Their Eyes Were Watching God                                      ABC MOW

The Clearing                                                                  Feature Film

Among Brothers                                                             Fourth Ward Productions

Bootleggin’                                                                    Bootleggin’ Productions, LLC

Sisters                                                                          Low Heat Productions

Daring Capers/Brinks Robbery                                        Discovery

WCW Monday Night Nitro                                               TNT

Iron Jawed Angels                                                          HBO

The Great New Wonderful                                               Motion Picture (New York City)

One Tree Hill-Pilot                                                          WB

Ya Ya Sisterhood                                                           Paramount Pictures

The Fighting Temptations           

America's Most Wanted                                                 STF Productions, Inc.                

Tecumseh                                                                     TNT

Blessed Assurance                                                        CBS

Smokey & The Bandit                                                   

The Revolutionary War                                                    BBC

The Revolutionary War                                                    TLC

Taking Liberty   

Carrie II                                                                         United Artists                                       

Andersonville                                                                 TBS

Alamance                                                                      TBS

Eddie                                                                            Disney

One of Her Own                                                             CBS

Juwanna Mann                                                               Feature Film

The Patriot                                                                    Columbia Pictures

Domestic Disturbance                                                    Feature Film

The Last Brickmaker in America                                      Starring Sidney Portier

Amy & Isabelle                                                              CBS


The Loomis Fargo Gang                                                 MOW Discovery Channel

Prosecutors                                                                   Discovery Channel

FBI Files                                                                       Discovery Channel

Navy Seals                                                                    Discovery Channel

Remember The Titans                                                    Feature Film

Dawson’s Creek

As The World Turns                                                       CBS

Guiding Light                                                                 CBS

General Hospital                                                           


Max Bickford Show

Sopranoes                                                                     HBO

Sex & The City                                                              HBO

The Derby Stallion                                                          Scorpio Pictures/Indie film

Sleepy Hollow High                                                        Scorpio Pictures/Indie film

King of Diamonds                                                           Pilot for TV to film Fall 2003

Stone’s Cradle                                                               Pilot for TV to film Spring 2004

The Playground                                                              HBO





Chevrolet with Howie Long                                              National SAG

Hospice Spokesperson                                                   Regional

Subway                                                                         Regional

Warner Rugs Spokesperson                                           Regional

Levine Children’s Hospital                                               Regional

Inspiration Network                                                         Regional

Blue Cross Blue Shield                                                   National

Biltmore Estates                                                            Regional                                                    Experion/

Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse                            Nascar-Nationwide

UPS with Dale Jarrett                                                     State wide

Air Designed Sleep                                                        Nationwide

Baker Roofing                                                                Local

Capel Rug                                                                     Nationwide

Tylenol                                                                          Nascar-Nationwide

Carolina Healthcare Commercial                                      Local

Salli Mae Foundation                                                      National

Aaron Rents                                                                  Media Link       

Pizza Hut                                                                      Reactor Films

Presbysterian Hospital                                                   SPM Advertising

Wilson Hospital                                                             I-40 Films

Mayfield Dairy & Farm                                                    Stray Dog

Atlanta Motor Speedway                                                 Regional

Tosco 76                                                                       Statewide

Road Runner                                                                 Paradox Films

Callaway Gardens                                                          New Dominion Pictures

Gillette                                                                          Nationwide

Harris Teeter                                                                  Regional

Kentucky Fried Chicken                                                 Radical Media

St. Jude’s Hospital                                            

Coca Cola                                                                     Moxie Pictures

St. Joseph’s Hospital                                                     Emulsion Arts

National Bank of South Carolina                                      Duet Films

Born To Race                                                                Pit Crew Member

Trim Spa                                                                       Paradox Films

North Mississippi Medical Center                                    Southeastern

Time Warner/Road Runner                                              Statewide

Community Health Systems                                           Commotion Films

Callaway Gardens                                                          New Dominion Pictures

The Weather Channel                                                     Tantrum Pictures

EPT                                                                              Nationwide Casting

Bell South                                                                     Statewide

Welch’s Nationwide Search

American Eagle

United Way

Converse                                                                       National

Capel Rug                                                                     Statewide

Fort Defiance                                                                 CNN

Everett Chevrolet                                                            Local

Carowinds/Scooby Doo’s Haunted Mansion                      National

Harrah’s Casino                                                             Rock House Films

Valvoline                                                                       National

Slumbertime                                                                  Local

Esquire Griffin                                                                West Coast





American Girl Catalog                                                    Worldwide

Prilosec OTC                                                                 Nationwide

Asheville Tourism                                                           Regional

Carowinds                                                                     Regional

Duckhead                                                                      Regional

Dick’s Sporting Goods                                                    Regional

REI Camping and Hiking Catalog                                     National

Broyhill Furniture                                                            National

Bag’s Divine                                                                  Local

Bank of America Corporate Brochure                               National

Rubbermaid                                                                   National

Bank of Granite                                                              Local

Belk                                                                              Statewide

Dodge   Truck                                                                National

Coca Cola/Popeye’s                                                       Statewide

Landrover                                                                      National

Fast Friends Children’s Catalog                                       National

Peaches ‘n Cream Children’s Catalog                              National

Nancy King Lingerie                                                       National

Sarstedt                                                                        Worldwide

Julie Hat                                                                        National Packaging

Carroll Leather                                                               National

Alcatel                                                                          Worldwide

Ultimate Sleep                                                               Internet Banners

Cajah Corporation                                                          National




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